Fifteen Miles and Banana Pancakes

Hello! I set my alarm for an early 15 mile run. Ben and I had breakfast plans and I needed to be done before 9am. I typically set my alarm to “beat the heat” for summer long runs, but let myself sleep in during winter.

Well, today I was out the door before 6am. Armed with Nuun and Gu <- I always say “Nune of your business” when I’m mixing this… MY newest VIDEOS Running suggestion stay healthy during the COVID19 Outbreak Running suggestion to stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak. Can you run and walk outside during the stay at home order? Here's a pointer to help you avoid touching your face ... More Videos 0 seconds of 2 minutes, 25 seconds Next Up Marathon training Day 4 01:21 Live 00:00 08:21 02:25   Things I have in my car today – water bottle, sweat towel (to sit on), jump rope and a blueberry. Ooh, I’m feeling hungry good thing I brought a snack! It’s been a week because I purchased blubes and it’s just been riding around with me this whole time. good thing no one sat on it.  See, there’s a perk to not having friends! 15 Miles – done. It wasn’t the easiest run, I really wanted to cut it short around mile 11 but I kept chugging along even if it was slow. It’s pretty gloomy and drizzly, but I was still too hot in a long sleeve. I was very sweaty, but didn’t have time to shower so I changed out of my sports bras and t-shirt and headed straight to breakfast. I hate wearing a sweaty sports bra after I am done exercising and have to get it off before I do anything else (if I can’t shower immediately). We went to Mimi’s Café for breakfast. The last time Ben and I went here was after the Fontana half Marathon. Those were some epic Lemon Poppy Pancakes, but they’re seasonal and don’t have them now. I started with coffee that paled in comparison to Jen’s cappuccino. I purchased the fitness omelet to be healthy. And I purchased the seasonal Banana chocolate Chip Pancakes to be happy. Actually Ben and I shared these because I wanted to taste them, but wasn’t all about ordering this straight up. I’m lucky because he dominated them but I still got to satisfy the craving. My meal also came with wheat toast that I ate 1 piece of just because it was there. Shoulda asked them to hold it. If they bring it, I will eat it. And I had three cups of coffee – I am going to be buzzing all morning but it tasted so good with cream (I never have any at home). Our breakfast dates were Dan and Jen who live in new York. Dan and Ben went to college together. They are originally from Orange county and got married here in June, remember? A little wedding flashback because I love looking and beautiful girls in wedding dresses   Have a pleased Saturday! ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Share Mail Share keep choosing these: Irvine half Marathon Race Recap Irvine half Marathon Race Recap half Marathon Race recap and Review. Irvine half crazy half marathon running course and race review and suggestions for Treadmill shower Shark tank and Are Lunch Dates… dates? Treadmill shower Shark tank and Are Lunch Dates… dates? Hello! How’s it going? just checking in with my favorite running and eating from this weekend! What are you up to? First Miles total and best of February 2021 Miles total and best of February 2021 how numerous miles did you run this month? @RunEatRepeat Instagram story design template for runners. best Run and Eats for Revel Marathon-Big Bear Race results and Recap Revel Marathon-Big Bear Race results and Recap Revel Run Race series Marathon big Bear race recap and top 10 list. the best miles of Revel big Bear and running with my lace Up Irvine half Marathon lace Up Irvine half Marathon Lexus lace Up Race Irvine half Marathon. Orange county run half, 5k, relay results and recap. 2019 lace Up Run Race Disc 3 Hacks To get Water While Running 3 Hacks To get Water While Running how to get water while running without having to carry it. 3 hacks for hydration on the run that don't require gear ⚡ by shareaholic .

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