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NFL Responds with ‘Expanded Social Justice Commitment’

“The NFL is growing our social justice efforts through a 10-year total $250 million fund to combat systemic racism as well as support the battle against the ongoing as well as historic injustices faced by African-Americans. The NFL as well as our clubs will continue to work collaboratively with NFL players to support programs to address …


Can You just eat chocolate To get the health and wellness Benefits?

Hi! exactly how are you? I’m fantastic since we’re speaking about cocoa once again today!  as well as I’m feeling fantastic since I’m sipping iced coffee ideal now… my favorite. I’ve been working with CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement for a while now. I made a elegant iced coffee with the Unsweetened Dark chocolate powdered stick …


1st annual Jones beach USA a Success

muscle beach east Caps Off Summer By Joe Pietaro, MuscleSport Mag A perfect beach day Camiseta Feyenoord was made even better with last Sunday’s ‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones beach Camiseta Cerezo Osaka USA’ Bodybuilding and beach Body competition ( Billed as ‘Muscle beach East’ and ‘New York’s muscle Beach,’ Dan Lurie, Steve Michalik and Emy …