Protein Pancakes Win whenever

Sorry I was MIA last night. Ben as well as I got a letter from a frightening government office that needed substantial research, paper pushing as well as freaking out. That’s all I can state for now God assist us.

I realized that I had 2 dinners yesterday! dinner #1 was eaten before my 6pm client. It was leftovers from Sunday night with an egg on top. I was craving an over simple egg like crazy! It was additional tasty since of that
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Dessert was yogurt as well as granola. The yogurt was gross, however the granola was fantastic. Kinda evens out, right? (Not really.)

Dinner #2 was unpictured. So, I’ll let it stay a secret

This morning included a lot more anxiety about above pointed out letter. I lastly went on my run however halfway with had to make a contact us to set up an appointment. That led to one more phone call as well as I ended up walking a lot of of the second half. Oh well. At least we have an visit to get a lot more information now.

Back house I distracted myself with an amazing batch of pancakes

The $$$ shot

I was a total mess yesterday as well as walked around with a shark fin for  a lot of of the day. See it on the side?

Do you phone call a piece of hair sticking out of your pony tail a “shark fin” too? indicate women in HS utilized to pull each other’s hair out as well as yell, “Shark Fin!” as well as that’s exactly how I discovered it.  (nataliedee.com)

Question: got a shark fin? Eaten shark? had a dream that you’ve been eaten by a shark?

I always have shark fins. just phone call me a tiger shark!



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