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Hi! I was just recently contacted to screen ‘From Fat to the surface Line’ a new motivational film coming out August 2nd. It papers a team of 12 runners doing the Ragnar Relay in the Florida Keys. But, these aren’t just any type of runners – a lot of of the team members have lost 100 pounds! all of them are either made with or on an outstanding weight loss journey.

So there is a ton of motivation as well as motivation to go around in this film – their personal stories as well as their running stories are truly awesome.

From Fat to the surface Line Movie

As each runner is identified in to run their very first leg of the relay you’re introduced to them as well as hear a bit about their life as well as weight loss successes as well as challenges.

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Most of the runners are likewise bloggers! I liked that since I’m always curious to discover a lot more about people in documentaries as well as feel like personal blogs are the very best method to get to understand someone. I don’t believe anyone’s blog was really named except for Runs for Cookies though. I desire they would have provided each person’s running or weight loss blog at the end of the motion picture in the credits.

The team came together from around the us to run Ragnar Relay Florida. I’m quite sure they all satisfied on the internet (just like you as well as me!).

The film wasn’t incredibly remarkable or ‘nail biting’, but Camiseta Borussia Monchengladbach sensible – this is what it’s like to run a relay race. It’s remarkable as well as tiring as well as frightening all rolled into one. I felt like it was truly relate-able in complying with everybody on each of the legs of their race since I’ve been there. often you’re incredibly pumped as well as often you want to stop as well as often both of those in one mile!

I’m a huge fan of motion pictures that paper … um, I don’t understand exactly how to state this… genuine people? typical people? people-y people? running. The vibe at the end didn’t seem as triumphant as Spirit of the Marathon however it was still incredibly motivating – both for the weight loss element as well as the running success of each team member.

And they threw in some eye candy for fun… I mean, they interviewed Runner’s world editor David Willey as he is a very  legitimate resource in all things running as well as racing.

There are a great deal of excellent things Camiseta FC Tokyo about running a relay however one of the very best is seeing everyone’s team name. They are funny as well as innovative as well as often crazy.

I totally appreciated that one of the runners stated the night run was scary. I know! That’s something nobody talks about when training for a relay race!!

I’m having flashbacks!! Ahhhh! I can’t manage it.

Overall: I liked it! however I like running as well as I like documentaries, so I’m the target audience. I’m not sure if my non-running peeps would like it. however I believe you may considering that you checked out RER as well as may like stuff I like too.

And this motion picture absolutely made me want to run one more relay! I’m all pumped as well as stuff (at least ideal now). I understand I shouldn’t considering that I get as well afraid however I want to kinda sorta.

Speaking of relays…

My very first relay was reach the Beach. We really had a cam team complying with us around too.

And I totally lost my shlt during the night run as well as vowed to never run a relay again.


I did the Ragnar Relay in SoCal as a last minute add-on a few years back when one of their runners got injured ideal before.


Hood to coastline was amazing! It was lovely as well as fun as well as legendary with Bart Yasso as well as tons of Runner’s world staffers on the team!!

The moral of the story is I am all warm as well as fuzzy about doing a relay race now. But, don’t really invite me to be on your relay team since I am afraid of the dark. as well as bees. as well as a whole listing of other stuff. The end.

If you want to see From Fat to surface it is offered now (updated).

Question:  What is your preferred running movie? What is your preferred documentary??




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