French toast Friday

hey there and good Day ?

I started my Friday with a little 5K action walk with Susan. We ran about 2 miles, but made a decision we would rather chat than run and walked the last mile. It Camiseta Selección de fútbol de España was good to catch up on our week and our guys.
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Today is French toast Friday! Did you celebrate?

I dipped two pieces of bread in a mix of: egg beaters, chia seeds and cinnamon. Then, I cooked it up and topped it with Almond Butter and syrup. This is an outstanding way to start the weekend.

After breakfast my mommy and I took the dogs for a walk. They were exhausted after and immediately plopped down when we got home. but you know they’ll be begging for another walk later today!

I made breakfast for my little brother, Matt too. instead of French toast I made him a PB&J Pita. whole wheat pita topped with PB&J and topped with banana slices.

I love how it looks like a pizza. This is a great meal for kids, but I like it too.

I have Fridays off so I’m intending to get caught up on blog stuff and run a ton of errands today.

We get the keys to our tiny condo Monday, but I’m not sure what time. So, I’m generally moving Monday or Tuesday depending on that detail.

The movers delivered our stuff to my mom’s yesterday and we’ll have to haul it to our new place and get furniture at some point next week.

I am a lot more than ready to get this step OVER. We have been in limbo for a month now and really just want to get settled in and comfy. 

Thanks for the feedback on the new blog layout. I actually didn’t intend to make the switch until I figured out how to customize it, but my host went ahead and changed it over night! When I woke up this morning and saw comments on the new layout on my phone I raced to the computer to see what the heck it looked like!

Luckily, Zestycook saved the day and helped me at least add in my header and change the column widths. I still have a lot more changes on the way, but it’s going to take some trial and error to fix it. hopefully it won’t be too painful, but if you’re good with this stuff please let me know ?


Poll of the day: I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blond. My brother’s girlfriend can do it for me (for free). must I choose it or not?



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