French Fries and Cookies

I love walking around health food stores and checking out all the goods. I can spend hours in places like WF or my local Mom’s organic Market. I can also spend way too much money on all that good stuff!!

I scored a great sample of granola while walking around the store… It was so good I really considered getting it, but then I remembered that granola can be hazardous in my house.
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Before I went bankrupt, I indicate – to MOM’s, I ate almond butter on whole wheat with yogurt and blubes. The blueberries I gotten from Costco are majorly sour and not good. Boo. I really don’t want to eat them, but I hate to just throw them away.

The rest of the day was very random and I snacked a lot. The highlights of the day included some of Ben’s Chik-fil-A fries…

And a chocolate chip  cookie I got from the health food store. Yes, fries and cookies – it was one of those days and I don’t want to discuss…When I was vegan I would go to health food stores seeking vegan sweets like this all the time. I think I was trying to fill a void with these desserts and justified eating them considering that they were vegan.

Now I realize vegan treats have as lots of calories and fat as “normal” desserts – but they are made with better ingredients and incredibly yummy ?



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